Transforming class to an Escape Room

Yesterday, tuesday the 27th of January, I was in class for my last college day for my minor in Entrepreneurship in Leiden. Every group had to present their business case for the group and a jury. Afterwards, some drinks were arranged in the classroom. But before everyone had a chance to get a drink, I stood up and told the class I would like to present my company and it’s business case, because is started popup-escape during the minor.

So I connected my computer to the beamer and started a seemingly normal presentation. At some point, I told the class I would show them, how I’d prepare a room on location. I took some stuff and put them in the classroom. What they didn’t know, was that I prepared the classroom in advance, hiding some keys, weird objects and wrote something on the chalkboard and covered that with paper.

I showed them I usually make some customisations, presenting photoshopped pictures from our teachers in a frame. They were surprised, as one wondered: “Where did you get that, that’s me with my son!”. I explained that I always endarken the room, so I switched off the light. As it was already late, it became pretty dark, silencing my fellow students even more, wondering what I’m doing.  My last step preparing a room is almost always locking the room, so I showed that to them to. I locked the room, creating more tension. “What is he doing?”, “Is it really locked?”, someone tried and yes, off course it was locked.

At last, I told them I would welcome the clients, let them in this room and tell a little story about the room. So I told them a little story about some students following class and suddenly found themselves locked up, finding strange items. Well, they were students, locked up, with strange items in the class. I casually wished them luck, started the timer and music and sat back: The escape challenge has started!

So they started solving the puzzles, while drinking a beer and cheerfully chatting with eachother. As this was a huge group(25 students) for an escape-room, I made some new puzzles which would be able to be solved by a large group. Besides, they could switch puzzling, drinking a beer and chatting, which gave a great vibe and experience. It was really cool to see everybody working on the puzzles, suddenly showing other qualities no-one had seen before, because being an entrepreneur or being able to solve puzzles is very different. Everyone enjoyed themselves and the group was able to finish the puzzle within the time, having 21 minutes left! It was a great experience for everyone. Below you can find some pictures from the group puzzling.

Are you getting enthousiast reading my story? Get in contact and we’ll make some cool personalized escape room to challenge you and your team too! It’s very good for teambuilding, trips and it’s a lot of fun to do! Give me a call: +31 6 28 08 77 58 or email me: